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About Icarra

Our mission is to build better investors. Although there are many means to achieving this objective we focus on one area: portfolio analysis. Our goal is to provide the best portfolio analysis tools for private and individual investors. Icarra will:

  • Accurately track your portfolio's historical performance
  • Compare your portfolio's performance against a benchmark of your choice
  • Provide useful stastics for your portfolio such as turnover and expense ratio
  • At your discretion, share your portfolio with other users

Privacy Policy

Everyone should exercise caution when using the Internet. We maintain the following practices:

  • We store as little information about you as possible. Users are identified only by username and encrypted password. We ask for an email address for authentication purposes although you are free to use a fake email address and real name. Icarra does not store account numbers or any other information that could be used to trace a brokerage account from an Icarra portfolio unless it was supplied by the user. We will never ask for personal financial info such as which brokerage you use, bank account numbers or credit card numbers.
  • We will not send unwanted emails. Icarra has never sent a mass email to its users however we reserve the right to do so in the future. In such a case we will institute an easy to use opt-out system if you do not wish to receive emails from Icarra.
  • We will not send any information about you or your portfolios to a 3rd party.
  • Private Portfolios (portfolios that are not shared) will only be viewable by yourself when you are logged in and will not be used for "community" purposes such as tracking who is buying and selling which stocks or generating stock ideas. All private portfolio information will remain strictly confidential.
  • Icarra staff will not view your private portfolios except at your request or when fixing bugs in the Icarra software that have been identified by automated testing tools.
  • Data from Shared Portfolios may be used to implement Icarra features at our discretion. Current features include using this data to automatically generate stock ideas based on holdings analysis, displaying transactions of user's favorite portfolios and generating charts of all user's trading activities for a security.
  • If you have further questions please email Icarra Support