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A list of bloggers and financial journalists who use Icarra. This list is roughly ordered by the date the author joined Icarra. Email Icarra support if you are a blogger or financial journalist and would like to be added to this list or have your entry modified.

Fab 15 & Friends: An investing group located at The Motley Fool.

Mad Money Machine: By Paul Douglas Boyer. "For a more consistent examination of Cramer's picks and pans, as well as a lively discussion of other investing topics, check out Mad Money Machine, the creation of software consultant and avid investor Paul Douglas Boyer. If you like the written blog, an audio version is available as a podcast." -- Kiplingers

Valueplays: By Todd Sullivan. "A Massachusetts based value investor, I look for companies whose current valuation is at a discount to their true value. When I purchase a stock, my typical holding period is several years. I consider buying a stock purchasing a piece of a business."

Magic Foruma Investing with Zecco: "This blog will chronicle my experiments with Zecco, the commission-free stock broker, and Magic Formula Investing, from Joel Greenblatt's The Little Book That Beats the Market."

Goode Value: By Michael K. Goode: "While I know more about investing than many professional investors, I have no formal training in investing. Therefore, do not believe what I say because I say it. Believe it because what I say is logical and usually correct."

Poetic Portfolios

Rafe's Space

Old School Value: Value investing following the methodologies of Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett, Charlie Munger and Joe Ponzio (F Wall Street)

Democratic Investments by the people for the people: Investments and stock suitable for the poor, the proletarians, the people

The Investment Fiduciary: By Michael Zhuang, "I work as a personal CFO for a small number of very successful people. I write the blog to educate the public about the simpleness of investing and the crookedness of the financial industry."