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Quick Start

When Icarra is run for the first time it will require a minute to download stock data and build portfolios. Once this step has completed Icarra will show summary information for a sample portfolio. You may take a moment to look around or you can create your first portfolio by going to the "Portfolio" menu and choosing "New Portfolio." There are three types of portfolios:

Once you have created a new portfolio you should add some transactions. You may add transactions by hand, you may download transactions directly from a brokerage, or you may import transactions from a file. We recommend importing directly from your brokerage if possible. Refer to the Importing Transactions section for more information.


Icarra is distributed as an application under Windows and Mac OS X platforms. You may download Icarra on the Download page.

Icarra may also be downloaded and installed from source code. This is optional on Windows and Mac OS X but required on linux. Icarra requires Python 2.5 or higher and a handful of other libraries:


Settings common to all portfolios:

Settings for Investment portfolios:

Settings for Combined portfolios:

Importing Transactions

Icarra can directly import transactions from a number of brokerages using the OFX protocol. See a list of supported brokerages here.

To configure direct importing choose your portfolio then navigate to "Settings." Choose your brokerage under the "Brokerage" menu then enter your user name. Some brokerages require you to enter an account number for your user name. You do not need to enter your Account or Password at this point. Next choose "Import Transactions" from the "Tools" menu and verify that "Download from financial institution" is selected. Enter your password then click Ok. Transactions will begin downloading.

Possible errors are:

If you are still unable to connect to your financial institution then please visit the Icarra forums.

Creating a New Benchmark

You may create a new benchmark by choosing "New Portfolio" under the "Portfolios" menu. Enter its name then choose "Benchmark" as the portfolio type.

The benchmark is determined according to the portfolio allocation. Navigate to the "Allocation" tool and click "Add Position" to add a position to the benchmark. Enter the ticker symbol of the benchmark component then enter its target percentage. Continue adding positions until the total percentage reaches 100%.

Your new benchmark is ready to be used.

Common Transaction Errors

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