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It is actually a portmanteau of “pasta” and “Rastafarianism” It is thus a kind of happy coincidence that the subjective effects of cannabis and the care and attention needed to produce a good resin strain both conspire and accentuate values that are oriented toward honoring and preserving the feminine”(McKenna 1992)

Conceivably, this could indicate that the Taoist gardeners new the secret of separating the male from female cannabis plants, to produce resinous seedless cannabis known as sinsemillia, a cultivation technique generally assumed to have been developed much later Cybelle’s original Phrygian priests, known as Gallus, or Galli, assumed women’s clothing after a sacrificial castration, the gender transfer being a form of worship of the Goddess by identification

This leaf is made up of seven pointed leaf parts that are arranged in the same pattern as the most prominent sign in Seshat’s emblemHemp is, and has long been, an excellent material for making ropes with the low-stretch quality required for measuring cords, particularly when these are greased to reduce variations in their moisture content which would influence elongation “There is a classic Greek term, cannabeizen, which means to smoke Cannabis

In this context it is interesting to note that cannabis occurs in both male and female form…propagation of the female species…is the total concern of the grower interested in the narcotic power of the plant glass bongs south africa To date, no one truly knows how all the ingredients in natural cannabis combine, and making even minor changes in chemical structure can produce different, sometimes dangerous, physiological changes