Topic: Crash on opening

retyped from window (can't select and copy&paste)

icarra2 Error

An unexpected error has occurred during execution of the main script.

UnboundLocalError: local variable 'horiz' referenced before assignment.

Re: Crash on opening

Thanks for the bug report.  A few questions:

1) Are you running windows, OS X, or linux?
2) Which version of Icarra 2 are you using?
3) Is there any other information provided in the error message?  A file name or line number perhaps?
4) Did this error happen the first time you ran the program or did it start happening after using the program?  If the latter, what is the last thing you did?

Re: Crash on opening

Thanks for the reply!

OS X.5.8
The latest, just downloaded and tried to run it that day.
That was the whole message. It gave the option of running Terminal, but nothing unusual was displayed in that application.
The second and all further times I ran the app. I had created a small stock portfolio, maybe 6 stocks, and closed and reopened the program.

I also deleted the app and reinstalled it, same message.

Any other suggestions for action to take?

Re: Crash on opening

Can you email me your preferences and portfolio files?  You can click the E-mail button the the left. The files are located in the ~/Library/Application Support/Icarra2 directory.


Re: Crash on opening

Thanks, will do.