Topic: interim release

Icarra is being released as an interim release.  There are many bug fixes and small improvements that I'd like to test before making an official release.  EDIT: A few bugs were found under  I updated the download links to download version

Here are links to the downloads:

Windows (
OS X (
Source Code (

Here is the change log:

- Added auto splits, dividends, and dividend reinvestments
- Automatic check for incorrect split values
- Renamed some return and performance names
- Notify when cannot connect to Icarra server
- Moved position check transactions for stocks to the date of the position check
- Improved error message when stock data is not available
- Support for importing options from OFX files
- Check ledger balance when importing banking transactions

- Improved support for some locales in the transaction editing dialog
- Fixed bug with unsupported locales causing transactions to not import
- Improved split parsing in OFX files when incorrect data is given
- Fixed bug with position check not taking splits into accounts
- Added bug workaround for flaws in Charles Schwab OFX files
- Fixed windows bug with USAA brokerage
- Fixed position check bug with options
- Fixed bug in stock data where nothing is shown if there is no portfolio history for that stock
- Fixed divide by zero error for user prices
- Fixed database error when rebuilding portfolio
- FIxed minor bug where dividend summary could be negative
- Show icarra ticker when selecting a new ticker in the stock data page