Topic: Trouble getting started

As I said in my post in the suggestions area, I downloaded icarra today.  To start, I had to hunt for the x86_64 versions of the ChartDirector library files.  Then I had to modify to point to them, and I can't find a way in python to distinguish Linux 32 bit from a Linux 64 bit installation (but I'm not really much of a python user).  I then had to install a bunch of python packages that were not present.  I'm on Gentoo Linux, and I could find distro packages for all except jsonrpc, which I had  to manually install.  (I'll be glad to provide a more complete list, if anyone wants it.)

Then, when I finally ran "python" it brings up a modal dialog (no window decordations, so no way to interact with it) which says "Welcome to Icarra!" and asks me to allow a minute.  It's now  been over half an hour, and I suspect it's stuck.  On the console, there are a whole bunch of

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/jack/src/icarra2-src/", line 118, in checkTimer
    s = self.checkStatus()
  File "/home/jack/src/icarra2-src/", line 112, in checkStatus
  File "/home/jack/src/icarra2-src/", line 872, in rebuildPositionHistory
  File "/home/jack/src/icarra2-src/", line 255, in readFromDb
KeyError: 'uniqueId'

It's been using lots of cpu, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything.  I does have some files in ~/.icarra open, but their timestamps are all from about when it started.

Any thoughts on how to proceed?

Thanks for any help.


Re: Trouble getting started

I think I know what may have gone wrong.  Did you install a library called adodb?  Was it installed from gentoo's installation system or from the provided files?  There is a bug in adodb that likely caused this error.

Unfortunately there isn't an easy fix for this.  I'm going to remove adodb and use the built-in sqlite database.  It should take me about one week to make this change.  I'll keep you updated.

Re: Trouble getting started

Yes, adodb came from gentoo version 2.20.  Thay also have 2.00 available.  Oddly, it now looks like it got installed with use flags (-mysql -postgres -sqlite) which implies that it turned off any support for them.  I can retry installing with any or all of them on.