Topic: Desktop app is now official

The desktop app is now the official version of Icarra.  This does not mean much to the current users but it will mean something to the old user base.  The following notice was posted to the old Icarra web app forum:

Icarra is changing, not going away

Icarra was founded over four years ago.  I had several goals for the site.  As Icarra evolved I realized that the average investor lacked access to tools that promoted good investing decisions: A long term outlook, minimized expenses and responsibe buy and sell decisions.  I felt that this was the most important goal to strive for.

The Icarra tool accomplishes this goal however it is too difficult to use for all but the most dedicated investors.  Ironically the users of Icarra were the people who needed the tool the least.  I became quite frustrated.  There were several features I wanted to implement such as automatic portfolio importing but could not implement due to security reasons.  I would not personally hand over my account information to any website no matter how good their intentions.  I would not ask the same of my users.

I had a difficult time deciding what to do but eventually I saw that the natural course of action was to rewrite Icarra as a desktop application.  This will make it easier for me to provide support and will allow me to implement several features that I have always wanted to implement but was unable to.

The next incarnation of Icarra is available as a binary application for Windows and OS X platforms.  Linux support is available but not as a binary application.  The new Icarra is unique because it is freely available as open source software.  Although Icarra has received testing from existing Icarra users it will not serve as an immediate repacement for the Icarra web application.  There will be bugs to solve and features to add.

You may continue to access your data on the original Icarra web application will continue to be available.  Your portfolios will no longer update.   For users who are unhappy with this news I offer my sincere apologies.  If you have been an Icarra subscriber within the past year and do not wish to continue using Icarra then I can offer a refund of your final one year subscription payment.  The Icarra desktop application will be free to use just like the Icarra web application and like the web application the desktop application will provide incentives to purchase a license.

Feel free to try the new application at  Thank you.