Topic: problem with scottrade

Hi - i tried to import transactions from scottrade and i got the below

Could not get transactions: Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "C:\Program Files\Icarra\builtinPlugins\", line 421, in onOk
  File "portfolio.pyc", line 500, in updateFromFile
  File "fileFormats.pyc", line 54, in StartParse
  File "fileFormats.pyc", line 124, in saveTransactions
  File "transaction.pyc", line 977, in save
  File "db.pyc", line 358, in insertOrUpdate
  File "db.pyc", line 300, in insert
  File "db.pyc", line 194, in query
InterfaceError: Error binding parameter 13 - probably unsupported type.

any ideas what the problem might be?

Re: problem with scottrade

i know i have some non traditional transactions...  for example a stock that i received as a spin off from another stock, tender offers, take privates etc...

could that be causing a problem?

Re: problem with scottrade

Would you mind emailing me your transaction file?  The non-standard transactions are almost certainly causing the problem.

To do this you can select the Preferences menu item, then choose enable ofx debugging, then attempt to download your transactions.  The data will show up in a debugging window.  It is scrubbed of your login information.  Then just email it to me and I'll take a look.  Thanks!