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Topic: New user, basic questions


I'm totally new here. I could not locate a FAQ, so posting here

At the outset, thanks for this software. Seems to be a great tool. looks like jessee is the only person doing this. must be a labour of love. GOD bless

now to some newbie questions

1. What are the file formats supported for uploading transaction or portfolio data and is there a standard file format ? ... since I have a  small timer broker, I am not seeking support,  I plan to download transactions as XL files , CSV files etc, change to icarra format (columns, rows etc) and then upload to icarra

2. is there some place / some function showing total rate of return including dividends ... idle cash etc etc ... of course the author is free to specify the formulae and also how the return is computed , but something that says ok I made x% using such and such basis

3. my transactions are not many, but still an upload from XL would be preferred

more after hearing from you

thanks in advance

Re: New user, basic questions

I am also wondering about the file format for importing a CSV file.  Tom, did you ever figure anything out?