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Far enough to actually start a social movement and garner thousands of believers glass bongs sydney The Matriarchal theory holds that as humanity made the transition from a nomadic hunter-gatherer, into a pastoral agriculturist, much of the earlier focus on animal totems (humanities oldest religious symbols which were used to symbolically attract game), later became focused on the image of the Great Goddess, Mother Earth and the proper worship of her so that the earth would bare its fruits

As Arthur Avalon (aka, Sir John Woodroffe) explained: “Vijaya, (victory) used in ceremonies to Kali: That is the narcotic Bhang (hemp)… used in all ceremonies” (Avalon, 1913) Interestingly, certain male functionaries of Cybelle and Attis’ cult were known as cannophori, which has usually been translated as “reed-bearers”, but linguistically, with “canno”, this may have implications of “cannabis-bearers” instead

Generally this stele has been interpreted as identifying the activities of the dead in the after-world, but often such myths were acted out by devotees on the material plane, so indications of some sort of sacred rite involving earthly offerings of the Maat Plant cannot be easily dismissed The tree of life…is called the asherah in the Old Testament

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