Topic: 0.7.1 released

- Added ability to manually check for new stock data
- Choose US exchanges first when a stock is present on multiple exchanges
- Added safeguard when deleting a portfolio which make errors less likely to occur
- Improvements for parsing QIF files
- Icarra symbol for cash position can no longer be changed
- Upgraded forums to latest version
- Can now download transactions from fidlity
- Fixed bug that reset transaction totals when editing transactions
- Fixed bug that made it impossible to edit some transactions that were imported
- Fixed bug where last transaction in a qif file is not saved
- Fixed qif import bug where a transfer in may be labeled as a deposit
- Fixed performance bug where initial profit will not be calculated if it begins at 0
- Fixed two small display issues in the performance tab
- Fixed bug affecting stock download times

Re: 0.7.1 released

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