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It's good to see you are still with us, as has been a very useful site for me. I've started looking at the desktop application, and one thing that would be necessary for me to put any time in with it would be the ability to import transactions from the website - like I said, it's been very useful to me, and there is a lot of data there that I wouldn't want to have to enter manually. I know it will import files from my broker - I've already messed with that a bit - but I have data in the website that is no longer available for download from my broker's site.



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Yes, you will absolutely be able to import transactions from the Icarra website.  My plan is to fix major bugs in the next release (version 0.2.1).  If there aren't any major bugs then I will instead work on exporting transactions from the Icarra website and into the desktop app.

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Come and start our discussion on import transactions. No one share this type of informaiton on these kind of rushessay pages. So now we have to resolve this problem ever and after that we must have to save our transactions ever.