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Icarra Roadmap

This page describes several planned features for Icarra. The Major features will be completed in the order listed. Each major feature is expected to take 1-3 months. Minor features will be completed in the meantime.

You are invited to post other suggestions in the community forums.

Major Features

  1. Upgrade simple portfolio algorithm: Will provide several advantages over other algorithm. Status: The new simple portfolio algorithm is used for all portfolios created after July 3rd, 2007. Portfolios created before July 3rd may be upgraded to the new algorithm by contacting Icarra Support.
  2. Options and Futures: Track performance of options and futures. Status: Beta test is expected before the end of August.
  3. Improve Community Features: Better message board, investment clubs, tagged portfolios

Minor Features

  1. Export transaction and portfolio history. Status: Portfolio history can be exported.
  2. Fixed percentage benchmark
  3. Improved features for financial journalists and bloggers
  4. Improve the chart portfolio add comparison chart process
  5. Allow purchasing of stock before we have historical data
  6. Duplicate portfolio, copy transactions
  7. Different date formats
  8. Description for add multiple transactions page
  9. Automatic dividend/split transactions for detailed portfolios
  10. More historical data