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Icarra at a Glance

Icarra offers many powerful features:

  • Icarra accurately tracks your portfolio performance using long and short positions, splits, dividends, interest and expenses.
  • Import transaction data in a variety of formats: OFX, QIF, Ameritrade .csv and Schwab .csv.
  • Icarra lets you create detailed portfolios that will match your brokerage accounts or simple portfolios that are a cinch to maintain. A combined portfolio will merge multiple detailed and simple portfolios into one portfolio.
  • Icarra will keep your portfolio private or share your portfolio with other investors if you prefer. Portfolios can be shared using actual dollar amounts or as a mutual fund using NAV.
  • Icarra is easy to use.

The summary page gives an overview of your portfolio. Visit this page.

Icarra has sophisticated features for financial professionals and individual investors. Continue the tour and find out more or create an account right now.