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Tracking Your Portfolio

Icarra uses accurate historical data to:

  • Calculate performance of the individual stocks in your portfolio as well as the portfolio as a whole. Calculations consider splits, dividends and trading costs.
  • Create flexible charts of your portfolio's price movements. Charts can easily be embedded in your own web pages using a simple <img> tag.
  • Track your portfolio's performance against the benchmark of your choice. Choose the S&P 500, the total stock market, a small cap index or any other shared Icarra portfolio.

Icarra calculates three types of performance:

  • Absolute (Dollars gained or lost): Measures the amount of money earned by the portfolio. This tells you how much richer or poorer you have become.
  • Time Weighted: Measures the portfolio return percentage not including deposits and withdrawals. This is also called the 'Portfolio Manager Return' because it measures the performance of the portfolio as if it were the NAV of a mutual fund.
  • Money Weighted or IRR (Internal Rate of Return): Measures the portfolio return percentage and includes deposits and withdrawals. This gives increased importance to time periods where more money is invested in the portfolio.

Create useful charts that are also attractive. Visit this page.


The performance page displays returns of the portfolio and its contents. Visit this page.

Tracking performance is a valuable experience for an individual investor. By comparing our stock picking performance to a benchmark we learn about our investment decisions. This can be a difficult process -- performance calculations are brutally honest at times. It is an eye opening experience but it is also the path to becoming a better investor.

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